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Imagine a world

  • there's a vaccine
    for cancer

  • all heart attacks
    can be predicted

  • Alzheimer’s can
    be prevented

  • incurable is a word
    of the past

  • our loved ones stay
    healthier longer

Major fundraising campaign

Act faster
than disease

In healthcare, saving time saves lives. Help the CHUM fast-track research and improve access to cutting-edge technology—for everyone whose lives have been upended by disease.

Financial goal :

45% $200M

“Everyone has to go to the hospital at some point in their life. That’s why we’re so lucky to have the expertise of the CHUM, a world-class hospital, to care for our health and the health of our loved ones. We’ve all seen it: disease waits for no one. That’s why the CHUM’s teams are so dedicated to advancing medicine and making care more personalized and tailored to individual patients. It’s a glimpse of the future—a hopeful, healthier future. Together, we can help the CHUM make the medicine of tomorrow a reality.”

Claude Meunier and Virginia Coossa

Campaign spokespersons

Innovative projects, testimonials and previews